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We strongly believe that translating into another language is not simply a question of understanding the meaning of words, whether in their oral or written version. To speak a language is to understand the underlying line of thought from which the linguistic terms emerge and on which they are based. A different language means a different culture and the people that make bestversion know it.
That is why all translations are proofread by native speaking professionals, that is to say, professionals whose mother tongue is that which the text has been translated into (target language). This ensures that all final deliverables be linguistically and culturally flawless.
We adapt the version of the translation to the language used in each region, adjusting the particularities of the language to a particular country, as in the cases of British or American English, Spanish used in different Spanish-speaking countries or Portuguese from Brazil or Portugal.

Absolute confidenciality, accurate estimates, punctuality in meeting deadlines, expertise linguistic, thorough term investigation, security back ups, are some of the many values that for more than ten years have made bestversion a reliable translation company.


Myriam Boclin
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